I stumbled upon this article: 


This article talks about using social media as art which is probably the closest I’ll get to a new media artist talking about social media. There are some quotes from various art people. This is a very interesting read in the sense that I never thought about using social media as an art form. When I think art I think drawing, painting, sculpting, etc. I just now have been open to the art of new media which is very interesting and appropriate for the year 2013. 

In the article there is a photo of an artist with a gallerygoer. The caption for the picture is, “An Xiao’s The Artist Is Kinda Present, 2010, a performance in which the artist had conversations with gallerygoers over Twitter.

JOANIE SAN CHIRICO” and this blew my mind because this is art. I am not really an artsy person. I do like to draw and paint, but I never “got” art in the sense that I don’t understand the significance of a painting unless someone explains it to me or if it’s bluntly obvious.

The picture in the article sent me to An Xiao, who is a social media artist. I looked at her website (http://anxiaostudio.com/) and it seems like her style is love and human compassion. Her art definitely reflects the future of media art in society since she works through social media. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think social media is going to die off any time soon. If anything, it’s going to expand, I think.

An seems to get her inspiration from various internet finds like memes and YouTube videos. She is very much so tapped into the culture of today.